Summertime Fun

Happy First Day of Summer Friends!

It’s hard to believe it’s this that time of year again!  It’s such a fun season, especially for children.  They get a two to three-month break from all that hard work at school.  Summer often includes socializing with friends, sports, games, relaxation, travel, spending time outside, and experiencing new people and places.
Do you have a plan for your summer?  Have you scheduled some time to socialize, play, go somewhere you’ve never been or trying something new?  It doesn’t need to be expensive or far away.  Take a few moments this week and think about how you can make this summer memorable.

Socializing with Friends or Family

  • Eat together!  Whether you go to a restaurant, invite them to your place, or meet at the park for a picnic, it’s always fun to fellowship over food!  One of my favorite places was at the ice cream parlor talking and laughing over a hot fudge sundae loaded with peanuts!
  • Game Night!  There are some awesome outdoor game ideas on Pinterest.  Here are a few on my Fun, Fun, Fun board!  There are tons of board games and card games too!  A little competition is good and helps teach how to win and lose gracefully!


  • Read a book together
  • Family Movies anyone?
  • Blow bubbles
  • Buy a hammock and swing in the breeze
  • Create something  – clay, play dough or use your own mediums
  • Sketch or journal each day
  • Visit the Library

Time Inside

  • Build a Lego Castle Together
  • Puzzle races
  • Camping In and Pillow Forts
  • Let the kids pick an activity for the night
  • Binge Watch a Series you’ve been wanting to watch

Time Outside

  • Play in the rain, make mud pies or run under the sprinkler!
  • Plant a few flowers or a small garden or even create a fairy house
  • Play or walk at a nearby park
  • Swimming – who’s in?  Practice your cannonball
  • Catch a Firefly or Look at the Stars
  • Spend the day at the Zoo, Amusement Park,  or Water Park
  • Sidewalk Chalk – Have a Neighborhood Art Contest on your patio or driveway
  • Fly a Kite

Travel in or out of Town

  • Go to a carnival or a county fair
  • See a movie, play or concert
  • Camping, campfires, and smores
  • The Lake -walk around, swim in, fish or take a boat ride and don’t forget to skip a few stones
  • Farmers Market
  • Treasure or Scavenger Hunts
  • Plan things to do along the way – not just when you get there

There are lists upon lists of ideas for summer fun!  The main thing is spend time together and have fun!  Let your creative juice flow ~ from cooking to camping, from playing to learning a new skill!  I know your summer is going to be totally and completely amazing!