Fall Bucket List for fun with Babies

It’s been many years since we have had a baby in the house.  Mikey is 8 months old and so full of life.  He is drinking in everything around him and not missing a thing!  What a fun age and an excellent season to learn more about the world he is absorbing.

As we take him for walks over the next few months it is the perfect time to talk about all the changes in fall.  Leaves changing from luscious green to colorful fall hues.  The textures will change from soft to crunchy.  Even the smell of the fall air is different from a summer breeze.

A weekend trip to the farmer’s market will bring about a whole new understanding of the foods that were used to fill his little baby food containers, and the aromas that will make his mouth water from homemade applesauce to pumpkin pie.  His senses are about to be on overload from all the fun things that fall brings.  Football is a favorite in our house, not just the American version but the European football as well.  I see a game or two in his future!  We will be on the hunt, for sure, for hay rides and pumpkin patches.

What an amazing season!  Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your “little pumpkins”!  Each activity and event can teach them so much!  Start with the pumpkin.  You can talk about the shape, the color, the sound it makes when you thump it.  We will be carving our pumpkin for Michael.  In doing this – we will talk about the funny face it has, and the light that shines from the candle inside.  The “guts” won’t go to waste – not when you can let him squish them in a ziplock sensory bag!  Although he is not ready to eat the roasted pumpkin seeds, he can smell how good they will be once his teeth come in.  Honestly, I have NEVER made a pumpkin pie from a pumpkin; it has always been from “scratch” from a can of pumpkin.  Maybe this year I will give it a try.  Regardless, there will be some pumpkin baking going on this fall!  Mikey will use all five of his senses with our pumpkin experience.  Think outside the box.  You can do the same with the apples you pick up at the market.  Almost everything in the fall will heighten most of your babies senses.  Use this time to help your little sweethearts learn and grow.  Happy Fall Y’all!

Fall Bucket List with Babies - Our Yellow Bridge